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Comprised of five plants located in the greater Birmingham and surrounding areas, Dunn's asphalt operation offers a wide variety of asphalt products suited for any need or application.


  • Superpave
    Available in Hot and Warm Mix Applications
  • SMA
  • OGFC
  • Cold Mix
    Tarran, Longview and Childersburg Plants only
  • Rap


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A dense-graded asphalt pavement most commonly used in roadway and parking lot construction. With mixes ranging from 3/8 inches to 1 1/2 inches designed for a variety of applications, Superpave is the gold standard in asphalt pavements. Comprised of a blend of aggregates and asphalt binders, Dunn's Superpave mixes are designed for years of use.


Stone Matrix Asphalt is a gap-graded asphalt designed to maximize structural durability by providing stone-on-stone contact and a stronger, modified asphalt binder. Whereas traditional asphalt pavements rely primarily on binder strength to resist deformation, the combination of stone contact along with increased binder strength present in SMA serve to offer increased  durability in high-traffic environments.  SMA also offers better friction during wet weather, as well as lower tire noise, making it uniquely suited for these high volume applications.


Open Graded Friction Course is a permeable asphalt, generally placed in thin lifts on top of traditional dense-graded asphalt pavement. Used in high traffic environments OGFC's offer several distinct advantages over traditional dense-graded wearing layers such as elevated friction and noise prevention in high speed areas, as well as allowing water to permeate through the pavement, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. 

Cold Mix 

An alternative to traditional Hot Mix Asphalt, Cold Mix offers ease of transport and the ability for long term storage. This makes it an ideal option for smaller patching jobs, quick fixes, and where time or distance prevents the use of Hot Mix Asphalt. By utilizing a different asphalt binder, and combining it with a Cold Mix additive, Dunn is able to provide a product that can be stored for long periods of time while offering the same great performance as our Hot Mix Asphalt.


Recycled Asphalt Pavement offers a green alternative to traditional aggregates.  Created by crushing up the asphalt pulled from old roads, RAP can be used in a variety of applications.  Over time,  RAP will harden and compact, making it ideal for driveways and parking lots where asphalt is not desired.  When used instead of fill dirt, RAP resists erosion, providing longer life and saving the consumer money.

Asphalt Plants

Our Multiple plant locations allow for shortened trucking time, decreasing costs and preserving product quality. 


2201 Pinson Valley Pkwy.
Birmingham AL, 35217
205-849-0069 (Phone)
205-849-0083 (Fax)


1410 Flag Pole Mountain Rd.
Childersburg, AL 35044
256-378-9010 (Phone 1)
256-378-9011 (Phone 2)
256-378-9014 (Fax)

East Thomas

East Thomas
East Thomas
1200 10th St.
Birmingham AL, 35204
205-326-0974 (Phone)
205-324-3792 (Fax)


909 Wenonah Rd.
Birmingham AL, 35221
205-426-8285 (Phone)
205-426-8186 (Fax)


991 Hwy 31 S
Saginaw AL, 35137
205-664-4466 (Phone)
205-663-1176 (Fax)