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Dunn's aggregate operation, with plants located in Birmingham and Alabaster/Saginaw, offers a full line of crushed limestone, steel slag, and other aggregate products. With the production capability to meet any customer demands, Dunn is available to serve all your aggregate needs.

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For product and delivery pricing contact:
Brad Handley 205-215-2154

For trucking dispatch contact:
Ronda Gober 205-664-4466


We offer competitive rates on delivery services, as well as customer pick-up on all of our products.

Longview Aggregate
991 Hwy 31 South
Saginaw, AL 35137

Tarrant Slag
2201 Pinson Valley Parkway
Tarrant, AL 35213

Midfield Granular
4500 Jefferson Ave. SW
Midfield, AL 35221