If you drive on it, park on it or land on it, Dunn Construction builds it. With our own equipment, our own asphalt, and—most importantly—our own people. That’s what makes Dunn the market leader in Alabama: People who love what they do. And what we do, every day, is deliver on our promises. No matter what.

We built our company on a commitment to quality. Which means more than just doing the job right. It means managing the job right. Making your job that much easier—whether you’re a client, architect or engineer, subcontractor or inspector. It’s a commitment to the kind of professionalism that adds real value to everything we do.

Dunn Advantages

  • A tight-knit team of executive and project managers.
  • Offering unsurpassed road building experience, skill and support.
  • A stable force of road construction crews.
  • Large enough to handle multiple projects at any one time.
  • A vertically-integrated operation-from aggregate production through construction.Five plants across central Alabama.
  • Producing asphalt both for our own crews and other contractors.
  • One aggregate operation serving both Dunn and private customers.
  • A substantial, well-maintained inventory of mobile road building equipment.
  • The full financial backing of Dunn Companies.
  • And the long-term stability that comes with it.
  • A sister company, Dunn Roadbuilders, serving the East Central and Southeast sections of Mississippi.